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Production of liqueur with dried Corinthian black currant

Submitted on Sun, 12/18/2022 - 22:26 by PANTELIS MYLONAS
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We want to produce a alcoholic drink - liqueur, with bio dried Corinthian black currant, without adding more sugar. We will use dried Corinthian black currant, water and alcohol 96%vol. The Corinthian black currant is a superfood, and during ripening and before drying yet, it has high levels of sugars.

What is the major innovation of your idea?
Τhat we use a traditional rural Greek local product for the production of an alcoholic liqueur.

What are the main challenges and barriers in implementing the idea?
There are no particular challenges and problems because the Corinthian raisin has been produced in the regione of the Ilias for at least tree centuries and exists in large quantities. Transport distances are very short and there are cooperatives involved in its production.

Have you already undertaken any actions towards implementation (including distinctions/awards or funding)?
Our distillery produces ouzo, tsipouro, nine different liqueur 's flavors and alcoholic drink Brandy. From the summer of 2022 we produce vodka gin and rum. We always use raw materials from our Olympic Land.

Which will be the impact of your idea for the local/regional society?
The production of such a liqueur will be very important because it will use the Corinthian raisin which is of high nutritional value, already has a high concentration of sugars and is a local product. There is also no burden on the environment from the way of production, because all the ingredients are plant-based and we have no waste at all. Also few peels that will be discarded will be used for composting.

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