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Submitted on Wed, 12/07/2022 - 17:36 by ANTREAS SKARTSARIS
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A theme park based on the labors of Hercules. The purpose is the creation of a mythopolis on an area of ​​several acres next to the river Acheloos, based on ancient Greek mythology and specifically the labors of Hercules, his life and his fight with the river Acheloos, with an educational, pedagogical and recreational character. The park. The 12 labors of Hercules as well as his struggle with the river Achelous will be presented separately, with all the modern technologies that can be applied,with robotic-animated characters and other representational practices, so that the visitor feels that he participates in them, to "play" and be photographed with mythical heroes. -In the area there will also be an amusement park, a market, restaurants, a conference center and a theater where ancient performances will be performed. - There will be an art space where the impact of Greek mythology on world art and thought, the interpretation and symbolism of myths will be presented and it will be able to host exhibitions. -There will be a train on the route of which the traveler will meet mythical beings, monsters of Greek mythology, deities. -Water will be a key element of the park. There will be a water route with an imitation of an ancient ship, along which some of the labors of Hercules or representations of important events of antiquity will take place. --There will be a hill with a representation of the top of Olympus with the residences of the 12 gods. The park will be like a small ''Disneyland'' based on the myths of Hercules.

What is the major innovation of your idea?
This area will attract worldwide interest and create a permanent tourist stream in all seasons and months of the year.Ancient Greek mythology influenced global thought, is a source of inspiration for scientists and artists and its standards are timeless and universal.Hercules is the greatest and best-known hero of Greek mythology abroad and there is nothing similar in Greece or anywhere else

What are the main challenges and barriers in implementing the idea?
It is finding an investor who will believe in its importance and in the representation of myths in an educational and entertaining way

Have you already undertaken any actions towards implementation (including distinctions/awards or funding)?
No. i have not

Which will be the impact of your idea for the local/regional society?
The aim is to strengthen the cultural self-awareness of Greeks, to strengthen tourism and the local and country's economy

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