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grape must cookies

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Submitted on Sun, 12/18/2022 - 19:03 by ΑΝΑΣΤΑΣΙΟΣ ΚΑΡΝΑΡΟΣ
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Our proposal includes the creation, distribution, and selling of Moustokouloura (also known as “grape must cookies”). These traditional products created in Ileia and Western Peloponnese will be distributed in Greece.

What is the major innovation of your idea?
Our idea has the following innovation: currants have played a major role in the economy of Ileia and Greece in general, since around 1830 they have been cultivated, sold, and exported from this region. Our Moustokouloura are interwoven with these currants and will be baked without sugar. They are healthy, nutritional, biologically cultivated baked goods that will have the signature of Ileia. Utilizing the region’s long history encompassing the cultivation and trade of currants from Ileia, Moustokouloura will be addressed to the majority of consumers, since they provide a sugar-free, healthy superfood that is well known to them and connected with the traditional Greek cuisine.

What are the main challenges and barriers in implementing the idea?
The main challenges would be collaborating with local producers that are certified in the proper agricultural and biological cultivation of petimezi (also known as grape molasses), and the organization and implementation of the selling aspect of Moustokouloura to the rest of Greece, specifically where these products will be distributed to be sold, for example, supermarkets, shops that sell biological and organic products etc.

Have you already undertaken any actions towards implementation (including distinctions/awards or funding)?
Our enterprise has been supplied with the needed raw materials from local cottage industries from Makrisia, a village in the municipal unit of Skillounta, Ileia, Greece. After a plethora of production testing and tasting from a satisfactory number of consumers, our research on Moustokouloura not only was successful but also Moustokouloura were indulged by the consumers who gave positive feedback on our product.

Which will be the impact of your idea for the local/regional society?
Our innovative idea will have a positive influence on local and regional society. Since societies have always been impacted by the economical variants, in this case of locally cultivated products, with our idea in Ileia the regional economy will flourish. The basic principle of supply and demand will allow local producers and local cottage industries to sell their raw materials, local packaging, printing, and transportation companies will also receive more customers, and regional academics and scientists in the relevant fields will have new career opportunities in their area. Also, the suppliers of Moustokouloura and the retailers in local shops, supermarkets, bakeries, etc will have new economic revenues that will be interconnected with their immediate community. Concluding, all of the above highlight how our idea on the production and selling of Moustokouloura as a product of Ileia, will have a positive influence on the immediate local and regional economy since there will be more demand in a variety of fields in Ileia.


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