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Submitted on Mon, 12/05/2022 - 12:41 by giuseppe rinelli
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To generate cultural innovation, it is necessary to imagine, implement and disseminate methodologies, services and products capable of bringing about systemic changes in the way of doing and experiencing culture. It is possible to work on enhancing the heritage of the live entertainment of the cultural industries. In the field of entertainment, the goal is to spread the artistic practice and increase public participation, with particular attention to the usually disadvantaged social groups. improve the production of entertainment and other live cultural activities as well as innovate their use (for example, through augmented reality, virtual reality, intelligent sensors, the internet of things, technologies for "virtual scenography" and much more) Workshop on contemporary dance and performing arts. - Production and organization of Luxury Events. - “Connectivity Technique”© - Contemporary dance project - Organization of EVENTS AND CONFERENCES - Organization of SEMINARS E WORKSHOPS - participation in various tenders, such as: Creative Camps, with partners from Greece and theirs municipal utilities and the Agricultura project, with the creation of business ideas for new young people, up to and including still in seminars and workshops in the cultural and creative industries, through video calls on streaming platforms such as "ZOOM" with various partners Europeans, including Greece: Member of the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe 2018-2019 - Vice President of A.I.D. and Margarita Borisova Center for Heritage Interpretation - Sofia, Bulgaria - Registered as official operators of: MIC - Ministry of Cultural Heritage - REGISTRATION AS A CULTURAL ENTITY - MIC - Ministerial Decree 27 July 2017 no. 332 as modified by the D.M. 31 December 2020 and by the D.M. October 25, 2021 - Dance production organizations - Italy Creative Europe Desk - Culture - Service I - Cultural and creative enterprises, fashion and design - Directorate General for Contemporary Creativity - BODY ACCREDITED WITH INVITALIA - REST IN THE SOUTH - TO HELP DEVELOP BUSINESS PLAN AND MARKETING STRATEGIES - Subject: "I'm staying in the South" measure. Accreditation for the provision of consultancy and assistance services to proposers. - Partner of the Project "Agriculture" PATH

What is the major innovation of your idea?
We create new ways to achieve innovation for individuals and companies with different backgrounds and goals. We make sure that our ideas grow and thrive together. Share the space,enjoy the pace

What are the main challenges and barriers in implementing the idea?
Train and EduTain with us! Integrated events, exceptional experiences Center of Excellence in Entrepreneurship Creative Arts Center European Digital Innovation Hub (eDIH) Business Innovation Center(BIC)

Have you already undertaken any actions towards implementation (including distinctions/awards or funding)?
we have created a center for advanced artistic and managerial training in the performing arts, theater and experimental dance sector

Which will be the impact of your idea for the local/regional society?
Better awareness and understanding of European arts, culture and values• Wider exposure to the diversity of European art, culture and values ​​for European and international partners, strengthening links with creative industries and other parts of the economy . • Strengthening of joint European action to promote Europe's culture and economic interests internationally, thus contributing to strengthening European competitiveness.

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